My Personal Cyberinfrastructure

So this ds106 thing has gotten a hold on me.
I am inspired.
In fact, I am like Dr. Emilio Lizardo in the animated GIF I did in preparation for this adventure.

Though I am an outlaw member of the course (a lot of my time is being spent on a Bioinformatics course I am taking this summer for re-certification), I am taking time to rethink my personal cyberinfrastructure and how I am:

narrating, thinking aloud the process of learning. investigating
curating, taking care of my stuff arranging for myself and others to see it
sharing, putting it out there, create meaning/value in the context of other learners, synergy

I’ve completely redone my blog. I’ve updated to WordPress 3 which turned out to be no small feat.
I had originally migrated my blog from blogger to my own hosted WordPress install in 2009 (?) and had unremembered  a lot about how I had done that. Digging back through some online resources, I read it was better to install the new WordPress myself rather that use the automatic update. So, I backed-up my database removed my blog from the server. I downloaded the newest  version of WordPress edited the config file and a few other files (for security) and reinstalled it on my server. Nothing worked. No database connection, no images arghhh…. Working off and on over a day I was able to get everything (I think) back in place and working again.
I could of used the stock TwentyTen theme, but I wanted a little more customized look. So, in an effort to protect the changes I made, I learned how to create a child theme. One of the first things I changed was the header image. Using MPEG Streamclip, I downloaded a clip from one of my favorite Hitchcok movies and pulled a JPEG image into GIMP.

Roger Thornhill being chased by cropduster.

from Hitchcock's North by Northwest

Because the image wasn’t the correct dimensions required for the header, I had to edit it. I converted it to Black-and-White, moved the airplane to the left and down closer to the horizon. Then, I cut Mr Thornhill and moved him to the right and down. This way the plane and Thornhill are in the space of the 198 px image height.this left a gap in the landscape, so I copied and pasted a piece of the horizon in opening. A few touches with the rubbing tool and the picture became the “finished” product which appears above.

Since then I have added a feed for my DailyShoot and my Twitter stream.

This is a start. A work in progress.
I am still  contracting/editing my cyberinfrastructure “essay” .
I will also continue to contribute to ds106 where/when I can and always: “Make some art,dammit!”

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One Response to My Personal Cyberinfrastructure

  1. Giulia says:

    We’re all outlaws in some shape or form. I hope you can bring a Bioinformatics flavour to DS106- that would be super cool. Welcome aboard!

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